Good Neighbor Committee

The Good Neighbor Committee (GNC) of LoDoNA negotiates Good Neighbor Agreements (GNAs) with restaurants that have applied for liquor or entertainment licenses. The GNC represents LoDoNA at license hearings conducted by the City and County of Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.  The GNAs often include license conditions that address matters affecting our community such as noise, security, and cleanliness. If necessary and appropriate, the Committee addresses complaints by neighbors about the establishment’s operations.

LoDoNA GNC wants you to be aware of steps you can take to make LoDo a great place to work and play while maintaining a friendly neighborhood. 

Check out the interactive map, updated as of 8/1/23, showing residences and bars/restaurants in LoDoNA. We are working to make this more complete.  If you have any suggestions or updates, please email them to the Good Neighbor Committee at

Recent Activity:

We encourage LoDoNA members to frequent bars & restaurants with Good Neighbor Agreements.

Birdcall, 1701 Wewatta St.

Blake St. Liquors, 1432 Blake St.

Carmine’s, 1951 Wazee St.

Caldero, 1901 Wazee St.

Con Safos, 1949 Market St.

Coohills, 1400 Wewatta St. 

Denver Milk Market, 1800 Wazee St.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, 1946 Market St.

Disco Pig, 1414 Larimer St. 

Dragonfly Noodle, 1550 Market St. 

Emerald Eye, 1403 Larimer St.

Finley’s Barbershop, 1630 Chestnut Pl. 

Garage Sale, 1445 Larimer St.

Gaslamp, 1437 Market St. 

Gyu-Kaku, 1998 18th St.

The Guest and The Regular, 1432 Market St. 

Hello Darling, 1610 Little Raven St. 

Honor Farm, 1536 Blake St. 

Hwaro Sushi, 2100 16th St.

Jaguar Room, 1941 Market St.

Little Finch, 1490 16th St. 

The Maven Hotel, 1850 Wazee St. 

Milepost Zero, 1601 19th St. 

NATIV Hotel, 1612 Wazee St. 

Nola Jane, 1435 Market St.

Orchid Denver, 1448 Market St. 

Pirate Alley, 1801 Wynkoop St. 

The Rally Hotel, 1600 20th St. 

The Refinery, 1932 Blake St.

Rio Grande, 1745 Wazee St. 

Sofia’s, 1530 16th St. 

The Sports Column, 1930 Blake St.

Status Ultra Lounge,  1822 Blake St. 

Sunday Vinyl, 1803 16th St.

Takiza Taco, 1519 Wynkoop St.

Tattered Cover, 1991 Wazee St. 

Thirsty Lion, 1605 Wynkoop St. 

Thompson Hotel, 1616 Market St. 

Tony Tenderonis, 1937 Market St.

The Velvet Cellar, 1500 Wynkoop St.

Villa Denver, 1416 Market St.

Westbound & Down, 1801 Blake St.

The Wild, 1660 Wynkoop St. 

Woodie Fisher, 1999 Chestnet Pl.

Tom’s Watch Bar, 1609 19th St. 

Zoe Ma Ma, 1625 Wynkoop St.

The following are some tips on who helps and when to reach out for assistance.