Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association | Good Neighbor Committee
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The main function of the Good Neighbor Committee of LoDoNA is to negotiate “Good Neighbor Agreements” with restaurants that have applied for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. The Committee also represents LoDoNA at liquor license hearings conducted by the City and County of Denver.  The agreements address matters that affect our community such as noise, outside speakers, and cleanliness of sidewalks.  They generally also incorporate provisions for LoDoNA to be involved in the event that the license is transferred to another party.  If necessary and appropriate, the Committee addresses complaints by neighbors about the establishment’s operations.

We encourage LoDoNA members to frequent restaurants with Good Neighbor Agreements.  The newsletter will post the names of restaurants with new Agreements, and the LoDoNA website will shortly have a comprehensive list of active GNAs.  For starters, the following are establishments with recent agreements:



Our Good Neighbor Committee has been hard at work.  Updates to report:

  1. Negotiated a new GNA for NATIV Hotel. They applied for a Hotel & Restaurant license as well as a Dance Cabaret license.
  2. Rose and Thorn is a new restaurant going into the previous Southern Hospitality space. They have also agreed and signed a GNA.
  3. Thirsty Lion signed GNA with the GNC.
  4. Denver Milk Market obliged and signed off on a GNA.


Public Meeting on Public Hearings: Changes & Updates

September 17th at 6:00 pm

Webb Municipal Building – 201 W. Colfax Ave., 4th Floor  Denver, CO 80202

Memberships have changed. Dismiss