Good Neighbor Committee

The main function of the Good Neighbor Committee of LoDoNA is to negotiate “Good Neighbor Agreements” with restaurants that have applied for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. The Committee also represents LoDoNA at liquor license hearings conducted by the City and County of Denver.  The agreements address matters that affect our community such as noise, outside speakers, and cleanliness of sidewalks.  They generally also incorporate provisions for LoDoNA to be involved in the event that the license is transferred to another party.  If necessary and appropriate, the Committee addresses complaints by neighbors about the establishment’s operations.


Your LoDoNA Good Neighbor Committee (GNC) does much more than negotiate Good Neighbor Agreements (GNA) with bars and restaurants in LoDo, which is no small business. Do you know that Good Neighbor Agreements often include stipulations around noise? Do you know that the LoDoNA GNC is a resource for you? Members of the GNC will help you work with business to be good neighbors.


LoDoNA GNC wants you to be aware of steps you can take to make LoDo a great place to work and play while maintaining a friendly neighborhood.

The following are some tips on who helps and when to reach out for assistance.

We encourage LoDoNA members to frequent restaurants with Good Neighbor Agreements.

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