I-25 Speer & 23rd Bridge & Interchange Project

I-25 Speer & 23rd Bridge & Interchange Project

CDOT has kicked off its I-25: Speer Boulevard & 23rd Avenue Bridge and Interchange Project, and the Project Team wants to keep you informed of what’s happening, and where and how you can get involved.

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What is this project? 

Our main focus is to replace the bridges that cross over Interstate 25 at Speer Boulevard and 23rd Avenue in Denver.

But this Project also offers the chance to consider ways to improve safety and operations – for the on and off ramps as well as for pedestrian and bicycle connections across the highway at these bridges. The Project limits include I-25 between 20th Street and W. Colfax Avenue. There will be a range of options to consider for the interchanges, all of which will support broader goals for I-25 and the surrounding infrastructure, known as the I-25 corridor.

Why is it happening?

The bridges at Speer and 23rd are aged, have substandard bike/ped facilities on the bridges, and have inadequate clearances below. An earlier study, known as the I-25 Central Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study, identified these spots as a high-priority, early-action project to:

  • Improve safety, such as by reducing dangerous stop-and-go traffic
  • Reduce congestion on I-25 to improve travel time reliability, and
  • Increase connectivity between the Highlands, Jefferson Park, and Downtown neighborhoods through bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure


When is it happening?

CDOT started developing design concepts for the project in the summer of 2021, and will be working with stakeholders through mid-2023 to choose the best solution. The final design process for the preferred solution is then expected to last around two years, after which construction will begin. Check out this approximate schedule below:

Status Update:

  • Released I-25 Central Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study in 2020, which examined environmental, travel, and safety data for the I-25 corridor.
  • Laid Groundwork for Environmental Clearance through ongoing conversations between the Project Team, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the City of Denver on potential environmental impacts.
  • Hosted First Stakeholder Meeting in December of 2021 to share information with and hear concerns from community groups, businesses, and institutions near the project area.
  • Refined Range of Project Alternatives, the options for how exactly to improve the interchanges, to identify those alternatives that are most feasible, improve safety and service, and can accommodate the local context and other future improvements.


What’s Happening Next:

  • Continue Community Outreach to inform and gather input from impacted communities.
  • Host Second Stakeholder Meeting to continue dialogue with community groups, businesses, and institutions near to present and discuss up to three potential Ultimate Visions.
  • Further Develop Alternatives to better understand potential designs and narrow down options to an Ultimate Vision.


How can you get involved?

Go online: Visit the Submit a Comment page of the project website to share questions or comments with the project team.

Contact project team members: using the information on the project website to ask the questions you have.

Attend a virtual public meeting: to hear more about the range of options being considered.

Give us input on the project:  by taking 3-5 minutes to fill out this short Community Survey. 


El Departamento de Tránsito de Colorado (CDOT) empezó este proyecto (I-25: Speer & 23rd Bridge & Interchange Project) durante 2021 y al equipo le gustaría informarles de lo que estamos haciendo y además como ustedes pueden participar durante el proceso. Por favor lean nuestro primer anuncio para familiarizarse con el proyecto, como involucrarse y en qué etapa estamos!


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