Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association | February WeeBoT @ Wewatta Point
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February WeeBoT @ Wewatta Point

Our Monthly WeeBoT (Weekends Begin on Thurdays) gives neighbors a chance to gather at one of the neighborhoods newest dining experiences for happy hour.

This month we will meet at Wewatta Point.

Wewatta Point is relaxed and approachable, trending toward beachy, something that Colorado lacks, with vaulted ceilings, white marble, grey and blue accents and lights shaped like lobster traps dotting the ceiling. Floating round six-tops and long banquets line the dining room, as well as bar seating options. Seafood shipments bring fresh fish every other day, prepared simply.

In addition to appetizers such as seasonal oysters and ceviche, the jumbo lump crab cake is seasoned with whole grain mustard, while the lobster roll,served with warm butter and lemon on a brioche bun from Harvest Moon Bakery. The crab Benedict comes with applewood smoked bacon, frisee,brioche, hollandaise and tograshi, while the whole, wild-caught Thai snapper is served scored and flash fried with cilantro-ginger vinaigrette and herb salad.

If you’re not feeling fishy, a selection of meat and poultry entrees are available, including the pork chop and half roasted chicken.

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