What Has LoDoNA Been Doing For LoDo?

What Has LoDoNA Been Doing For LoDo?

LoDoNA is working through its volunteers, including thirteen board members, various committee chairs, and many volunteers to make and keep our neighborhood connected and Safe, Clean and Compassionate. We now have a committee with this name. That committee is co-chaired by board members Lori Greenly and David Mazzocchi. This committee has several sub-committees.

The work of LoDoNA and its Safe, Clean and Compassionate committee includes you, in the context of asking you to:

  • Report crimes, safety and maintenance issues
  • Know your neighbors
  • Know your surroundings
  • Support our police and security personnel
  • Request more services from public and elected officials, including:
    • more police, policing and arrests
    • mental health and substance abuse services for those struggling
    • prosecution–by the DA and the City Attorney – for crimes against people, property, illegal drug sales, trespassing and more
    • consequences for breaking the law
    • housing for those without homes
    • cleaning and maintenance services of public improvements
    • legislation, from the State and City, which supports all the above

What is “Safe, Clean and Compassionate?” in LoDo and throughout Denver?

Let us look and understand what “Safe, Clean and Compassionate” means.

“Safe” has many meanings.

  • “Safe” means LoDo is walkable and secure for you, your family, businesses, employees, visitors and guests.
  • “Safe” means no crime in our garages, buildings, on our sidewalks, in public areas, courtyards and pavilions.
  • “Safe” means reporting of violent crimes by calling 911.
  • Report other crimes by calling 311 or DPD’s non-emergency phone number 720-913-2000 and/or filing a report online at Report a Problem.
  • “Safe” means reporting public property safety and maintenance issues to 311 and on the “Clean and Safe” of the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District – on their application available for your phone from the app store. Download this app and use it.
  • “Safe” means no sleeping, camping, open drug use, illegal substance sales and more in our public areas and building alcoves.
  • “Safe” means walkable sidewalks and public areas, without dodging scooters, bikes, skateboards, one-wheelers, and other propelled devices.

“Clean” has many meanings.

  • “Clean” means no trash, defection, urination or filth.
  • “Clean” means public trash receptacles are well located and frequently emptied.
  • “Clean” means graffiti is prevented and when it occurs, it is reported and promptly removed.
  • “Clean” means volunteers picking up trash along Cherry Creek over the summer (as a part of LoDo Cares) and by volunteers in an effort that began at the Coloradan and now is a part of LoDoNA.
    • LoDo residents are invited to help. Meet at the Coloradan building – at the reception desk at level 1.5 – to join others twice a week and pick up trash. Volunteers meet on Wednesdays and Sundays to get trash pickers, trash bags and gloves. These volunteers supplement public services and provide social modeling for those that leave trash and litter in LoDo. Visit our website (https://lodona.org/) for more information on times of these bi-weekly trash pickups.

Let us look at what “Compassionate” means.

  • “Compassionate” means knowing your neighbors and those you see on the street – that excludes those that may harm or threaten you. It includes those that are truly struggling, but still observe social values – like picking up their own trash and remaining decent.
  • “Compassionate” means we, all of us, do unto others as they would do unto you.
  • “Compassionate” means services are provided to those on the street in a way that does not enable but rather provides a hand up toward a better future vs. a hand-out. Transformation for those without means is what we aspire for, not entitlement and not bureaucracy.
  • “Compassionate” means that there is accountability for all the resources that are allocated to those on the street.
  • “Compassionate” means that there are consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  • “Compassionate” is provided in our neighborhood through LoDo Cares – a collaboration of LoDoNA and the LoDo District.
    • LoDo Cares recently completed a coat and blanket drive for residents of the Barth Hotel, an assisted living facility for 62 LoDo residents. This initiative was under the leadership of board member Kathy Gentry, with collection boxes at several buildings, including Palace Lofts, The Platform, Larimer Place, Acme Building, Cadence, Sentral, The Coloradan, the Denver Chamber of Commerce and more. Thank you to all participating buildings those donating coats or blankets!
    • LoDo Cares also recently assisted with a holiday dinner and gift distribution at the Barth Hotel. Food was contributed by many restaurants, picked up by volunteers and then served to residents at the Barth. Residents then open presents distributed by LoDo Cares volunteers. Thank you to all who participate in this dinner including the following restaurants: Urban Farmer, Citizen Rail, The Pig & The Sprout, City Bakery, Kachina Cantina, Jax Fish House, The Original, Mercantile Dining & Provision, Beckon, ChoLon, Thirsty Lion and more.
    • LoDo Cares is also now seeking donations to the Holiday Project–to benefit residents of the Bath Hotel and other outreach efforts (Donate).

Let me and other members of the LoDoNA board know what “Clean, Safe and Compassionate” means to you.

What else has LoDoNA been doing?

We have WeeBoT’s coming – subject to public health limitations. Several WeeBots occurred this past fall.

In addition to our Safe, Clean and Compassionate committee and LoDo Cares, we have:

  • Good Neighbor committee seeking to have those with liquor and cabaret licenses be good neighbors
  • a sub-committee working to keep our sidewalks safe
  • a new LoDo Night Out committee, holding events at various building and locations around LoDo
  • separate (but equal) women’s and men’s breakfasts

We are monitoring land use changes, proposals and developments proposed or being considered in our neighborhood.

We are also monitoring transportation issues, including Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, RTD, the upcoming renovation of the 16th Street mall and more.

We are attending meetings, in person and via zoom.

We are coordinating with others that make up the fabric of Denver.

Are you interested in making a difference and improving our neighborhood?

If so, contact me or any board member. We are in this together. Let us make and keep LoDo Safe, Clean and Compassionate!

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