What We Do

LoDoNA is a completely volunteer 501c3 organization, which represents residents in four main ways.

1. Community-Building:


  • Monthly neighborhood socials events (WeeBOT) — On a Thursday during each month, LoDoNA members get together at a neighborhood restaurant or bar to reconnect and celebrate WeeBOT (Weekends Begin on Thursday).
  • LoDo Women’s Series — LoDoNA Women are mothers, philanthropists, friends, artists, professionals, CEOs, social workers, and business owners and they gather once a quarter to tell their stories and celebrate their uniqueness. These events are not to be missed! 
  • LoDoNA Annual Meeting — This is our pinnacle event and showcases our neighborhood.  The event includes our annual business meeting, in which we elect board members, review the year’s activities, and hear the plan for the next year.  We also present the Charlie Award, given annually to a LoDo resident or business for their service to our neighborhood.

2. Philanthropy:


  • LoDo Cares — LoDo Cares is a philanthropic partnership between LoDoNA and LoDo District, Inc. that connects and improves our community by working to enhance the experience of those who live, work and play in LoDo and nearby communities.  LoDo Cares started as a group of volunteers serving the Barth Hotel residents.  The Barth Hotel is an assisted living center at 18th and Blake in LoDo.  Since then LoDo Cares has become a lead coordinator for local volunteer opportunities in the community. Efforts include serving the residents of The Barth Hotel, beautifying our parks and neighborhood, and addressing the needs of the homeless.

  • LoDo Angels, a part of LoDo Cares, is a network of volunteers that respond to neighbors as needed and desired.  Activities include preparing and/or delivering food, providing transportation, sending a card to brighten someone’s day, taking care of a pet, or running an errand for a neighbor. If you are interested in volunteering with LoDo Angels please email lodoangels@gmail.com.

  • LoDo  is  the first “neighborhood” in a worldwide campaign of compassionate cities to be recognized by Charter for Compassion International.   Click here to learn more and to sign the Charter for Compassion.



3. Advocacy:


  • Good Neighbor Committee — LoDoNA’s Good Neighbor Committee represents LoDoNA residents in the area of liquor licensing and related matters. The Committee is appointed annually by the LoDoNA Board and meets monthly to consider current issues.
  • Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation — LoDoNA represents your interests by regularly meeting and working together with members of other neighborhood associations, city government officials, and agencies when proposed actions may impact our quality of life.
  • Transportation and Historic Preservation — LoDoNA is your advocate on land use issues, resident-friendly parking, and green space concerns for our neighborhood.  We also work to ensure that the Historic District requirements are faithfully maintained and implemented.

4. Partnership:


  • Neighborhood Engagement — What makes LoDo a unique neighborhood is the engagement of neighbors on issues of concern, celebrating our sense of community, and on having a good time!  LoDoNA is that vehicle for neighbors to come together.
  • Communications — LoDoNA keeps members abreast of upcoming events and news in the neighborhood through our newsletter – This Month In LoDo.  Sign up now! 
  • Business Partnerships — LoDoNA is a strong ally of LoDo District, the lower downtown business association.   We also work with all businesses in the neighborhood to ensure that business and residents have a rewarding coexistence.