May 2016 LoDoNA Board Meeting Minutes

Members present were Kelly, Andy, Andy, Jim, Kirk, Mike, Kirstan, Lara.

Jim spoke about the accounts. We have yet to collect on three of the sponsors from the annual party. He will reach out to them. Our reserves look good right now.

The board meeting location will be at the Hyatt Regency Board Room starting next month. Northern Bank is moving.

We discussed the summer event. It will be held at Coohills Restaurant in Saturday, September 10 from 2p-4p. We will have the entire restaurant to ourselves. A committee was formed that consisted of Kelly, Andy Davis, Kirk, and Jim. Jenny also volunteered via e-mail to help out as well. Lara will send out a save the date announcement. Kelly has secured entertainment. More details will be discussed at next month’s meeting. Kelly will reach out to Hammersmith regarding sponsoring the event.

Andy Youtz talked about several Good Neighborhood Committee subjects. The board voted on a new GNA with Mynt. There were eight votes in favor and none oppressed.  He also reported on a recent meeting regarding Commons Park. There was a neighborhood planning meeting where numerous members and member groups worked on improvement and redesign ideas. Andy also received information on a proposed idea for Skyline Park. He will forward that information onto the board for informational purposes.

Andy Davis is working on securing a WeeBoT venue. Baurs Listening Lounge is interested as well as Hopp Daddys. Andy will try to secure these sites. Other possible venues we reviewed as well.

Kirk is working on updating the building rep list. He has received a list of the building managers as well. Kirk and Ayn Fox are putting together an event at Larimer place Condos on July 13. They are hosting an informational meeting with the building reps and members of the LoDo Angels.

A local business person has designed thank you cards showcasing LoDo photos. She would donate 10%  of her proceeds to LoDo cares. Kirk will reach out to her and she how we can help her promote her cards.

Kirstan talked about the next Woman’s Series event which takes place tomorrow.

Lara is working on the next newsletter and Facebook. Please send her event information to put into the newsletter.

Andy Davis is going to reach out to a person on the DDP that recently gave a talk about downtown transportation.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm