June 2016 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Kelly Dick, Andy Youtz, Tracey Pool, Jenny Usaj, Josh Davies, Lara Davies.

We spoke about our neighborhood summer party at Coohills, September 10th, 2-4pm.  

·       Name:  “End of Summer Lodo Social”.

·       Entertainment by Mike Strappelli.

·       Sponsored by Hammersmith

·       $1k down payment / $2k minimum

·       Jim Merrill says we have $700 to deposit from Women’s Series event

·        $20 before/$25 at the door for two drink tickets and light appetizers. 

·       Jenny to help with creating flyers to post.  Also Facebook post.

·       Eventbrite.  RSVP by September 6th.

·       Raffles

·       “No” to anyone wanting to sell their wares at the event.


·       Discussed the Blue Agave Grill agreement (16th Street Mall by the Cheesecake Factory)

·       Discussed Zoes Kitchen (by Cadence Union Station) approval for beer/wine license

·       Discussed Alliance Center’s transfer of their liquor license to Serendipity Catering (email vote)

·       Discussed Skyline Park Beer Garden by Lannie’s Clock Tower Caberet (between 16th and 17th Streets).  Needs excise and license approval.  Trying to receive GNC approval.  Would be open May-September, 11am – 11pm.


·       Barth Hotel: 

o   Summer BBQ event will be held in late June or early July

o   Hoping to have another event closer to the fall.  September 6th is tentative date, but official event details are still to come.  May be Acme Burger type of event where we take residents to eat at a local restaurant or take orders to bring food back

o   Jim Theye will be preparing a budget breakdown for the dining series so that LoDo District my help with any budget shortfall; currently estimated at $1,500.

·       The Playground Cleanup:

o   Carol Rothman dropped off books with Jim Theye who will continue to restock the free library.

·       LoDo Angels will be hosting an event on July 13th for loft representatives to get a gauge on interest in the program and narrow the focus. 

·       Cherry Creek Clean-Up continues every second and fourth Thursday from 8-9:30am.  The group meets at the 15th and Wynkoop entrance.


·       DDP Public Realm Committee’s focus:  What Do We Do With The Travelers?

·       Discussed art display at Riverfront Park


·       We’ve seen a 35% “open” rate on our newsletter

·       Will put information about the Cherry Creek Trail Clean-up and the Farmers Market on our Facebook page


·      No follow-up on bill from the Rhein Haus yet from annual meeting

Next meeting will be on July 12th at the Hyatt Regency Denver

Meeting adjourned.