March 2016 LoDoNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 8, 2016

Members present were: Andy, Andy, Kelly, Jim, Jack, Lara, Kirk, Deb, Mike, Jen, Kirstan, Linda

February meeting minutes were approved.

Jim reported that $1800 was spent on the Manny Bridge Project for electrical repairs.

Items discussed were:

  • 2016 Annual Meeting Review
    • Good venue, Great food, well maintained/resupplied
    • Sound system was a weakness
    • Name tags printed and laid out so people can pick them up
  • Membership
    • 120-140 renew every year
    • Over 200 on the email list
  • New meeting place
    • Last meeting in current location is in May
    • New location: Executive Board Room at the Hyatt
    • June 14 will be the first at the new location
  • Summer Event ideas
    • No-Garage Garage Sale
      • Have it on a Sat afternoon
      • On the Union Station Plaza, Wynkoop dead end
      • 10% or more of individual proceeds go to charity
    • LoDo Block Party at Manny's Bridge
      •   Wynkoop dead end
    • Denver Days - Aug 1-7
      • City trying to promote block parties
      • City waives the associated permit fees, insurance fees
      • 60% of block residences and businesses have to agree
    • Movie Night at Union Station / LoDo Cinema
      • Previously had a movie night at Elephant 
      • Could connect the Movie Night with a WeeBoT?
  • The following board memebrs have decided to not remain on the board
    • David HughresHughes
    • Kat Tatman
    • JoyceLozow
    • Christine Santucci (but still on LDDRB)
  • Board recruitment
    • Derek Schimmel
      • Realtor, Interested in joining the Board
  • WeeBOT
    • Mike Wright Gallery, 1412 Wazee St
      • Mar 31, 5:30-7:30
    • New WeeBOT options
      • Hopdoddy
      • Rhein Haus
      • Baur's Listening Lounge
      • Milkbox Ice Cream Social
      • Milk & Honey
      • Green Russell

Linda reported there were approximately 18-20 LoDo Young Families members.

She also proposed starting a LoDo Runners group for those interested in meeting to jog/run.