2015 Annual Meeting Minutes - posted March 1, 2016


At 5:45 all attendees were welcomed to the meeting by President Josh Davies and the meeting was called to order.  Main sponsor, Sopra Communities, was thanked and gave opening remarks.  The VIPs were recognized and other sponsors were thanked.  Josh also thanked the volunteers for the night.At 5:55 pm the annual meeting business began.  We approved the minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting.  Jack Tone made the motion that we approve, Joyce Lozow seconded and all were in favor. 

Josh reviewed the LoDoNA board members who were staying on for service in 2016 and thanked Bill Crismer and Carol Pike for their service.  We voted to keep the current members and to approve the new board members.  Mike West made the motion and Kirstan Marks seconded.  All were in favor and the motion passed.  No motions for other board members were made from the floor.

At 6:00 pm Josh gave the state of the neighborhood, which included the LoDoNA Mission; an overview of the LoDoNA Women’s Series; an overview of LoDoNA Games; an update on our advocacy initiatives (RTD bus routes, local control/bar closing, and Union Station); and an update on our philanthropy efforts (Holiday Project).  Josh also gave an update on LoDo Lights.

Josh gave the Partners in Change Award to Paul and Carol Anne Rothman and comments were made by Autumn Bjugstad on their behalf. 

Josh gave the 2014 Charlie Award to an individual or organization that has improved the Quality of Life for LoDo residents.  It was given to The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and Director Adam Lerner.

We also gave the Compassionate Neighbor Award to Terry Hershey. 

LoDoNA presented to the audience the meeting’s theme - Five Stars of LoDo.  This included updates on Transit from Joshua Solis, RTD; updates on development from Chris Shears, Shears Adkins Rockmore; updates on retail from Brian Phetteplace, DDP; updates from family on Terry Hershey and Susan Kiely, DDES; and updates on culture from Adam Lerner, MCA.

Josh concluded the meeting at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted by Lara Davies, Secretary