January 2016 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2016

In attendance: Kelly Dick, Jim Merrill, Mike West, Cat Tatman, Kirk Dielman, Tracey Pool, Christine Santucci, Andy Youtz, Terry Hershey, Andy Davis, Lara Davies, Kirstan Borne, Linda Lipsius

Potential new board member Linda Lipsius – voted, all in favor of having Linda join the board. Yeah! 

Linda is founder of LoDo New Families group – gave an overview of organization, Facebook page.  LoDo Young Families is the Facebook page

Reviewed December 8th minutes, noted a few corrections and minutes approved.

Jim- reviewed monthly activities and upcoming expenses. Insurance policies.  Jim has gotten a few emails from Diane Huntress, thinks she might want funding for the artist for the light installation?  He has suggested using their LoDo lights fund.  He’ll get further clarification.  

Tracy reviewed some of the overhead she discussed with Josh from previous meeting.  Shared costs to host annual meeting at Rein Haus. Discussed dates – suggested, landed on March 1st .

Confirm with Rein Haus that March 1st works

Need to determine PA system, screen & AV equipment

o Kelly is going to tour the space to determine layout of space, etc

Brainstormed Meeting Themes & Speakers


Dairy Block – alley activation project

Market St. Station Christine will reach out about a speaker.

Light Rail & DIA – RTD speaker

o Christine or Terry will reach out about a speaker

o Jack Tone has contacts, Kelly will e-mail him and see if jack can line up a speaker

THEME- TBD - Should email in ideas to Kelly and we will circulate via email

Nominate candidates for Charlie Award and Compassionate Neighbor Award

Charlie Award – 

o Jim is going to look into getting the actual award made

Compassionate Neighbor Award -

o Christine will look into getting the award made

Opposition about new liquor store wanting to open on 14th St and market.   Trying to propose contingencies to potentially stop this business.  It’s still in negotiation.  

Looking to circulate a petition to several buildings. Encourage residents to sign petition and attend the E & L meeting to be held Feb 1 It was approved by a unanimous vote to oppose the application if we were unable to negotiate a GNA with the applicant.

Need new members for Good Neighbor committee 

Entertainment districts – it means businesses in a specified area can have an event carry drinks outside from one business to another, late closing times, etc.  This seems to be coming up again and will be voted on by city council.

Next WeeBoT will be at Crave Burger on Feb 4th. 

Lara reported on the newsletter, reader response rate. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Next meeting Tuesday, Feb 9th.