December 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Dec 8, 2015 LoDoNA Board Meeting Minutes

Members present:  David Hughes, Joyce Lozow, Tracey Pool, Kirk Dielman, Andy Davis, Jim Merrill, Mike West, Kirstan Borne, Josh Davies, Lara Davies

There was a quorum.  Kelly Dick recorded the  minutes.

Minutes were approved with the exception of two spelling corrections.

Andy Davis was welcomed as our newest board member.

David discussed recent GNC meeting.  A new liquor store is opening on Market Street. They received a variance because they are located within 1000 feet of an existing liquor store. Their license is pending based on securing a GNA with LoDoNA.  A new hearing is to be held. Closing time and liquor license succession will be closely scrutinized in the GNA. 

The board voted to add Andy Youtz and Deb Miller as new board members.

Jim Merrill presented a treasurer report. 

The annual meeting was discussed.  Josh Davies lead the discussion. We will seek business sponsorship to help underwrite the event.  Possible locations are the Triangle Building, The Platform, Inspirato, HyatRegency, 16M, Verve, Rhein Haus Denver. Josh will contact Rhein Haus. Tracey will look into the Hyatt.. Josh will host and MC the event. Board Members  that must be voted for retention at the annual meeting are  Cat, David, Christine, Mike.  New members will also have to be voted in and they include Andy Davis, Andy Youtz,  Tracey Pool, Kirk Dielman, Debbie Miller.  Charlie Awards  and Compassionate Neighbor Award will be awarded at the annual meeting. We will nominate and vote on the recipients at the Jan Board Meeting.   The meeting theme will be discussed after the location is determined.  

Members will e-mail Josh with past year LoDoNA accomplishments so he can let the public know what LoDoNA has accomplished the past year.  Josh will invite our elected officials. Once we have a location, Josh will solicit help form all the board members to help run this meeting.

LoDo cares Holiday Project. Lara sent an electronic copy to all the Loft reps. He will put it in the newsletter. Board members will distribute posters. Kelly asked if any of the board members would be interested in being on the LoDo cares Committee. No one volunteered.

WeeBoT’s future and continued success was discussed.  The board decided to take a new approach to this process. Andy Davis volunteered to be the new WeeBoT Chair person.  Kirstan Borne will assist him.  

David will get restaurant recommendations  from the GNC.  He will forward it to Andy Davis.  Andy  will solicit the board for participation to help and organize the WeeBoT. Kelly will contact Joe Howe about the change of direction regarding WeeBoT.

Tracey Pool briefed us on the 16th Street Mall Security Action Plan Meeting which was held last week. 

Survey results were discussed. Safety, panhandling, drug dealing  were high on the list. They want to hire a private security force to mitigate these issues. They want to ramp up off duty police and enforce early morning and late night police presence. Travelers have been an issue. They discussed motivating people to call if they see something that is a safety or security problem. There was  discussion about proposed security alleys which would be restricted to just businesses. Install better lighting throughout the mall was addressed.. They will distribute the meeting discussion results to the businesses and residents. 

Meeting was adjourned at 7:12pm.