November 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2015

In attendance: Kelly Dick, Jim Merrill, David Hughes, Jack Tone, Joyce Lozow, Mike West, Jenny Usaj, Joe Howe, Cat Tatman, Kirk Dielman, Tracey Pool, Christine Santucci

Approved Oct 13th minutes

Guest Speaker - Jennifer from Walk Denver to make Denver best walking city – they are petitioning to have the city fund for upkeep of sidewalks.  She would like a letter from LoDoNa saying we support her program.  

Discussed support for Walk Denver – we will write a letter to say we support the general idea but would need more information to endorse.

Welcome new board members – Kirk Dielman , Tracey Pool, Andy Davis (not in attendance). Board members unanimously approved via email vote on Nov 3, 2015.

Guest Debbie Miller potential new board member.

LoDo Lights is doing repairs and needs their funding

Young Families Group:  Kelly talked to Linda and she’s had a good response, 10-12 families responded.   Linda also expressed interest in the board. 

Commons Park July meeting update– no resolve as of yet.  

VOTE : David: new GNC chair – Andy Youtz would like to take this position.  David moved that we approve Andy the new GNC chair.  Approved in vote by LoDoNa Board.

Joyce – recruitment update.  Cat will resume secretary.

WeeBot’s -  Joe is working on next location.  Would be nice for Joe to have some support. David suggested asking new GNA members to host.

Jack- advocacy- train testing

Christine – LDDRB update – suggests having LoDoNa board member come and voice concerns.   Dairy Block lighting and others items approved.