October 2015 LoDoNA Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Jim, Andrew, Joyce TJ, Kirsten, Joyce, David, Lara, Jack, Cat, Jenny

Met Andy Davis and Tracy Poole.  They sat in on the meeting as they are considering joining LoDoNa Board.

Treasurer’s Report - Jim reviewed financials

Vote on July meeting minutes approved

President’s report reviewed by David

Guest Speaker- Albus Brooks, City Councilman District 9

 Topics of concern from board: improvement of 16th St. Mall, Commons Park, quality of life, drug use, business development, safety, transportation.

Jack - Market Street Station update: development is still very conceptual and will likely will eliminate open space, cafes, shops. 

 Kirsten will attend 16th Street meeting and report back. 

TJ – reached out to all new buildings for contacts and getting them involved

Andrew- moving and resigning.  

Andy Davis and Tracy Poole are invited back

Next meeting November 10th 5:30  - will continue with second Tuesday of the month going forward

Meeting adjourned