July 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes




Pursuant to proper notice, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association was held on Monday, July 13, 2015 beginning at 5:30 pm.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:10pm.  Those in attendance were: Kelly Dick, Josh Davies, Lara Davies, Andrew Guerra, Terry Hershey, Joyce Lozow, Kirstan Borne, TJ Johnson, Jim Merrill, Adam Smith,  Jack Tone, and Mike West,  Not able to attend were: David Hughes, Christine Santucci, Cat Tatman, Joe Howe and Jenny Ursaj

Kelly Dick, Co-President, chaired the meeting and Joyce Lozow, recorded the Minutes.


 Kelly announced that Kat Tatman resigned from recording the Minutes as she is too busy with her workand cannot guarantee being able to attend all meetings although she will continue to be on The Board.  Kelly asked who would like to take over, but no one volunteered.  One change was made - Kirstan Marks corrected that her last name now is: Borne.  Kirstan made a motion that we approve the June minutes.  Josh seconded.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Jim Merrill gave the report.  He said that we are approximately $ 3,000.00 net positive.  Finally, we received the last $ 500.00 for the Annual Meeting Sponsorship. With the new Quicken Books, Jim is able to, log in from anywhere, link to Pay Pal. The cost is: $ 15.00 per month which is one-half price for the first year.  Shortly Jim will be able to process checks from bank account to Quicken

Board Recruitment Chair:  Joyce stated that there was nothing to report as it was too far away.

Women's Series: Joyce reported that the June event was very successful.  The title was: the Spirit of Beauty with a Guest Speaker talking about her book.  Food was delicious at a beautiful loft in the Titanium Building - about fifty women in attendance.

Advocacy:  Jack reported the on July 28th at REI, there will be a meeting about the Commons Park issues.  Jack will be out of town; we hope that Kelly and Jenny will be able to attend.  The meeting will be announced in the LoDoNA Newsletter; East West sent out a notice to the residents in their buildings.  Fencing and Police there all the time are attempts to deal with the drug dealing Jack reached out to the Councilman Albus Brooks about attendingthe Board tonight. Albus could not make it.

Kirstan attended the initial meeting regarding the Wynkoop and 21st project. Many stakeholders were present including representatives from The Rockies, East/West Partners, Downtown Denver Partnership, Zocalo, neighborhood associations, development groups, etc. The purpose seems to be to create a more pedestrian friendly area in and around Wynkoop (from Cherry Creek Trail to Coors Field) and 21st (from Coors Field up to Tremont and Court St). The committee would like to see an addition of trees, green areas, friendly walking spaces, and possible festival days. There will be several more discussions/meetings over the next 9-10 months to gain feedback, ideas, etc.

LoDo Cares: Terry reported that LoDo Cares is chugging along with the following:

a.  residents went to Acme for burgers and sodas in June, b.  Barth Hotel Annual Play in Lobby July 23 - August 22nd on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights .  Play is "The Odd Couple" performed by female

professional actors.  It's an important fundraiser for The Barth, c.  Summer BBQ for residents on July 28th with big open fire pit in front serving S’mores

d. Creek Cleanup - sort of iffy with the weather, but had one last week.  Next Cleanup is July 28th, meet at Wynkoop st and the creek at 08:30am  e.  Terry approached by group started by Wash Park people with information and events about Inter-Generation ???.  Annual cost: $ 225.00.  Terry did not feel that we need to get involved with this.

 LoDo District:  Terry reported that The District recently had a strategy session addressing the question:  "where are we and where are we going?" It could be called a restart with new officers; the new chair  Barb Weiske, CEO of the Auraria Campus.  Also, various committees were reduced to three, they are: marketing (hospitality-restaurants & bars), events, and public realm (things going on in public spaces, access & circulation, i.e. Union Station, Market Street Station & Wynkoop Plan)

Communications: Lara reported:

a.  June Newsletter had a 40% open rate, b.  added most recent approved GNAs and encouraging residents to patronize those businesses c. July Newsletter going out on Tuesday or Wednesday - will include Barth Play info, d.  Lara also busy doing FB postings, e.  Concentra Urgent Medical Care contacted Lara to see if LoDoNA interested in putting wellness tips in monthly Newsletter.  It was discussed and we decided that we would not do it, but maybe just put in their LINK.

WeeBot:  Joe Howe was not in attendance to give his report.  The last WeeBot was June 11th was YoMaMA   Someone stated that we usually forget a Weebot in July because it is such a busy month.  Kelly stated that Joe is working on Hop Daddy restaurant, Also, hoping that Joe will follow up on the suggestion to have a WeeBot at Milk Box Ice Cream in Union Station.

Building Outreach:  Chair TJ asked "what is our objective here?"  Josh said that in the past holding events at individual buildings to reach out to residents has not been very successful. Lara told TJ that she (and Joyce) maintain a LoDoNA Loft Rep List and that is what she uses to send out LoDoNA information.  She will show TJ how to use it.  Someone suggested that TJ attempt to contact various Loft Reps (maybe on a one-to-one basis).

Fundraising:  Chuck said nothing has been done yet, but he would like to work with TJ meeting the LoDoNA Loft Reps.  Further, that we should list him as the Loft Rep for Larimer Place.

LoDo Lights: Jim stated that in our Treasury, we have about $ 3200.00 that was raised two years ago at Manny's Birthday Party at Wynkoop Brewery.  It is to be used for repairs and maintenance.  Diane and David Huntress are the contact persons. The Light Installation has been vandalized several times for the copper wiring.

GNC:  Adam reported :a.  Crave at 1550 Blake Street (formerly T’aco) has signed a GNC agreeing to no Cabaret License, no after hours events, and limiting patio noise.  Motion was made to accept by Adam and was seconded by TJ,

GNAs in the works with:

*  Venice as there is no current agreement.  They want  to extend their patio along 17th street,

* Mel is tidying up agreement with Nativ

GNC getting notifications of hearings only 3-4 days prior to hearings from Excise and Licensing.  He is working on getting more advance notices and making sure that Jim McCotter is also notified.

Adam announced that he will leaving LoDo in the next 3-6 weeks and is moving to Boulder.  He is working on his replacement.

Union Station:  Andrew reported that yesterday, Sunday, July 12th was the one year anniversary.  Gigi Cupcakes were passed out. 


Cooper Lounge finally getting a bathroom - it will be on the third floor near elevator. In the works is an Implementation of a point-of-sale - One Gift Card for all Union Station outlets called Aloha,

Address for Union Station and related business is: 1701 Wynkoop Street.  Fountain is on and working; towels provided by The Kitchen Next Door

For 4th of July, Homeland Security had their agents there.  Otherwise, there are armed security guards there.

Commuter line - official start of the A Line is spring,2016.  Maybe earlier in November or December, 2015.  Commuter Line will need greeters and information volunteers, maybe from Visit Denver?

Downtown Design Review Board: Christine was not at the meeting to give her report.  However, Josh talked about:

a. The Market Street Station.  That it is owned by East West and Union Station Neighborhood Company.  That they are pursuing a developer.  But, it will have no public space on the entire block and this is non-negotiable.  Probably one big office building with 10 stories and thetwo historic buildings remaining. 

Building going up to the north of The Four Seasons on 15th and Arapahoe and Lawrence Streets will be 33 stories and a signature building.

cThere was an article in the Denver Post today (7/13) about the future of the 16th Street Mall.  It talked about Lingering - wanting people to linger longer on the Mall, possibly moving the free Shuttle to 15th and 17th street (one way directions), and what to do with the brick pavers

Annual Meeting: Josh reported that nothing is planned yet as it will not be until February, 2016.   But, that RTD has big plans for a big STARTUP eventwhen Line A commences ... and that "the train to the plane" might be something for The Annual Meeting.   Kirstan suggested that we use the Annual Meeting as a good time to recruit volunteers to work on events.

New Business:  Kelly reported:

a.  Jiminy Wicket Lawn Croquet that benefits Alzeimers Association was at Union Station; was fun and well attend with lots of activities.

b.  Several people stated that the LoDo Bites event was not as good as last year.  Running the event was contracted out this year and there was poor communication to the restaurants.

c.  The District is rethinking LoDo Sips

d.  Kelly asked about LoDoNA putting on a event, maybe a Block Party sometime in the futureAll agreed that it was too late to put anything good together.  Maybe we should think aboutfall or next year event.

e.  Kelly asked if the 2nd Monday is still a good night for the Board Meetings; the consensus was YES.

Terry advised that the Downtown Middle School was approved in June and that they will begin to look for a space.

Next Meeting:  The meeting was adjourned around 6:30 pm and the next meeting will be Monday, August 10th.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Lozow (Minutes Recorder for tonight only)