December 2014 LoDoNA Board Meeting Minutes



HELD December 8, 2014

Pursuant to proper notice, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association was held on December 8, 2014 beginning at 5:30 p.m.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm.  In attendance were: Josh Davies, Lara Davies, Kelly Dick, Andrew Guerra, David Hughes, TJ Johnson, Joyce Lozow, Kirstan Marks, Jim Merrill, Carol Pike, Cat Tatman, Jack Tone, Mike West.

Josh Davies, President, chaired the meeting and Secretary, Lara Davies, recorded the minutes.


David made a motion to approve the November minutes.  Carol seconded this motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed.

Holiday Project Update:

We are not doing a canned food drive but are donating money instead.  Burns Marketing has been doing all of our marketing.  (If you see Bill or Ken thank them for their work on this – esp. the post card creation.)  We did a direct mail piece to the LoDoNA database and a postcard to all addresses in the area.  Sullivan’s and Mangiamo Pronto also offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from eating the night of the 9th of December to the cause.  Jennifer Jasinski also included information about the project at all of her restaurants in customer bills, etc. 

We are at 93 donations so far and at about $13K.  We want to double the amount of residents that gave from last year as well as significantly increase the business contributions.  Joyce asked if  LoDoNA could make a contribution.    Jim gave a report of our current financial picture and then Jack made a motion to contribute $1500 to the project.  TJ seconded this and all were in favor.  The motion passed.

Josh will ask LoDo District if they can match.

2015 Annual Meeting:

LoDoNA has an annual meeting every year as required by our charter to remain a neighborhood association.  It also brings neighbors together and helps us with fundraising/membership goals.

We would like to do the event in late Jan/early Feb in a destination venue for about 150-200 people on either a Tue, Wed, or Thurs night if possible. 

New venue/destination spot

Some recommendations that were made about where to host were Inspirato, Union Station lower level, Hotel Teatro (too expensive), Coors Field (too expensive), Coohills, Tamayo, and 16M.

Josh spoke with Union Station and they are looking at the possibility.  We would charge $20 per person and they could provide drink and snacks. 

We discussed the theme and programming.  We brainstormed doing a lowdown on local LoDo businesses – one from tech, one from cultural, one from retail, and one from food and beverages.  We could even do a survey and ask residents to choose who they want to hear from. 

The group discussed and picked winners for the Charlie Award and the Compassionate Neighbor Awards.  These winners’ names have been excluded from the minutes. 

Jim will talk to Sopra about being a lead sponsor on the meeting.

President’s Update:  DDRO has voted to disband itself. 

We have three board seats that are expiring this year: Jack Tone, Kirstan Marks, and Joyce Lozow.  Josh will check to see if they want to still serve. 

We may not have a board seat but could possibly elect a new person.  Josh asked us to think about candidates. 

There are two forums on December 9th about Parks and Recs at the Oxford.  One is at 4:30 pm and one is at 7:30 am.

Commander Lopez has sent us information about a fund that has been set up for the four bicycle officers who were hit by driver suffering a medical emergency during the East High protests.  We will also include into the newsletter.

Next Meeting - The meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm and the next meeting will be January 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lara Davies, Secretary