Connect with old and new friends and celebrate the unofficial start to the weekend at another new LoDo location!

This month's WeeBoT will be at Poka Lola Social Club with food from it's sibling restaurant and Dairy Block neighbor, Kachina Southwestern Grill. Some quick info on both establishments:

Poka Lola: Located in the Dairy Block, Poka Lola reinvents the everyman’s cocktail bar, with a nod to turn of the century American soda fountain culture.

Kachina: A free-spirited, modern Southwestern grill providing an escape in the LoDo district of Denver. Kachina’s inspiration is found in the Four Corners region of Southwest America. Guests are welcomed to a native-inspired space that is a modern interpretation of the airy and relaxing textures of the Southwest, as well as the magic that happens when you combine an Airstream camper, an open fire and a spirited culture.

Who We Are

The Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association (LoDoNA) is a city-registered neighborhood organization representing residents in Lower Downtown and the Central Platte Valley since 1988.  We are a volunteer organization committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Lower Downtown and the Central Platte Valley through community-building, philanthropy, advocacy, and partnership.

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LoDo Cares

LoDo Cares — One of LoDoNA’s major initiatives is supporting LoDo Cares.  LoDo Cares is a philanthropic partnership between LoDoNA and LoDo District, Inc. that connects and improves our community by working to enhance the experience of those who live, work and play in LoDo and nearby communities.  LoDo Cares started as a group of volunteers serving the Barth Hotel residents.  The Barth Hotel is an assisted living center at 18th and Blake in LoDo.  Since then LoDo Cares has become a lead coordinator for local volunteer opportunities in the community. Efforts include serving the residents of The Barth Hotel, beautifying our parks and neighborhood, and addressing the needs of the homeless.

LoDo is the first “neighborhood” in a worldwide campaign of compassionate cities to be recognized by Charter for Compassion International.

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Volunteer for the LoDoNA  Board!

Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association (LoDoNA) would like your participation!

If you live in LoDo and the River Platte Valley and have interest in serving on LoDoNA's board of directors we welcome you and your passion for building a wonderful mixed-use neighborhood. Advocacy, Philanthropy, Community Building and Partnership are our 4 major arms of service to our neighborhood. Please contact Kirstan Marks at if you would like to learn more and discuss the commitment in more detail. 

In the meantime, please peruse the website to learn more about our involvement in the community and organization. Please pass this along to anyone in our neighborhood who might make a great contribution and want to become a member. Thank you.

Contact Us

1720 Wynkoop Street, Suite 100 
Denver, CO 80202  
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